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One Wheel Revolution:

We dream, build, and ride modified Harley-Davidson® and Indian Motorcycles®. One Wheel Revolution is a dedicated v-twin entertainment company that delivers focused marketing support, product development, custom built bikes, and brand exposure.


If you love the v-twin wheelies, burnouts, drifting, wild motorcycle modifications, adrenaline filled performances, and the sight of road bikes blasting down dirt roads... we’re your kinda people.


If you are looking to book an event or just get a taste of the wilder side of v-twin motorcycle riding, you came to the right place!


Rob Carpenter - Founder:

Growing up on a cattle ranch in Southern Montana didn’t allow for much exposure to road bikes.  Rob spent plenty of time riding four wheelers but didn’t actually get on a street motorcycle until the age of 21.  The speed and power instantly hooked Rob and the adventure began.


After spending 4 years diligently learning how to safely stunt motorcycles, Rob got his first show opportunity riding a Sportster at the 2007 National H.O.G. Rally.  Picking up v-twin stunt riding very quickly opened the door for a 3 year riding career with a v-twin entertainment company that watched him ride there.  After 3 years of pounding the pavement Rob wanted to focus on creating flashy, v-twin entertainment that was focused at a younger audience.  Investing his savings into 4 v-twin motorcycles, a show trailer, and sound equipment, Rob set out to raise the bar on v-twin entertainment.


Today One Wheel Revolution has driven over 315,000 miles, attended over 205 events and completed over 350 performances.  Attention to detail, professional presentation, and delivering a well rehearsed exhibition are just a few of the details that set One Wheel Revolution apart from the competition.  Every thunderous v-twin performance is narrated while attendees enjoy some of the most skilled v-twin riding available!

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